-Minimum Deposit: Myr10
-Bank Account: Maybank / Cimb / Public / Rhb / Hongleong
-Operator Time: 24Hrs.

-Minimum Deposit Up To Myr30

Example For Welcome Bonus:Deposit Myr30 + 50% (Welcome bonus) = Myr45 x 5 (Turnover) = Myr225
So minimum withdrawl is MYR225.
Example For Unlimited Bonus: 
Myr30 + 10% Deposit (Unlimited Bonus) = 33 x 2 (Turnover) = Myr66
So minimum withdrawl is MYR66.


The maximum jackpot progressive payment MYR100,000. The maximum payment for MYR30,000 slot each slot Including bonuses. So MYR30,000 each player's expenses. The maximum payment for Scr888 is MYR7,000. This Regulation will persist power started 15th September 2016. Check out our Stories of the KKBET99 Player Whose lives are changing by online casino Jackpot, maybe the casino Jackpot succes story could be yours.

24 Hours Service Operator / Customer Service :

KKBET Operator will be responsible for the customer :

KKBET Customer service will be responsible for the customer :
-Solve problem
-To provide customers with better benefits
-Let customers more clearly know Better choice

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